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Promoting Participation in

 the Moraga Community



Staying In The Loop

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About MCN

Moraga Citizens Network is a grassroots organization dedicated to encouraging participation in the life of Moraga in these ways: First, we provide or direct members to non-partisan, factual information on current issues. Secondly, we assist the town staff in publicizing public meetings and town-sponsored events when needed. Finally, Moraga Citizens Network announces many recreational, educational, and fund raising events offered in Moraga by the Town's service organizations, library, non-profit organizations, and Saint Mary's College.


What We Do

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Left to right: Teresa Onoda, Vice Mayor Mike Metcalf, Mayor Roger Wykle, Phil Arth, and Dave Trotter. Each council member is elected for a 4 year term, elections occurring in the even numbered years.  Council meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month, starting at 7 p.m. in the JM Auditorium. The public is welcome.


4thA group of about 25 residents gathered in January of 2005 at the Moraga Library to discuss its dreams and concerns about Moraga. It soon became clear that what was needed was a public that was more informed and involved in the affairs of Moraga. The outcome was Moraga Citizens Network, with a vision to "promote participatory democracy in Moraga".

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Town Manager Jill Keimach, Town Clerk Marty McInturff, Town Engineer Edric Kwan and Public Works staff of 8, Park & Recreation Director Jay Ingram & staff of 2, Police Chief Bob Priebe and 11 officers, Planning Department Director Ellen Clark and staff of 3, and Administrative Service Director Stephanie Hom and staff of 2.